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Tulum is a city on the southern coast of the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico. It is recognized for its well-preserved Mayan ruins from the 16th century when it was an important regional center in the Mayan world.

Tulum is located south of Playa del Carmen and south of Cancun. The town is located on the Caribbean coast, north of the mouth of the Tulum River. The main structure, known as El Castillo, is a massive stone building perched on a rocky cliff above the white sand beaches and cobalt waters. Near the ruins is Tulum National Park, a coastal region with mangroves and cenotes.

A painting in which jungle, sea, history, youth, and intellect are combined. Tulum is a painting that can be redrawn with the light of a new day and preserves its beauty to last in memory.

Tulum was an outstanding Mayan city dedicated to navigation, trade, and religion; it had sunrise (Zamá) on its east wall, sunset (Ik'ab') on its west wall, and a sacrificial altar in front of it.

The ruins of this Mayan city, which are located on a cliff on the shore of the Caribbean Sea, are impressive due to their location on the bottom of the blue ocean, which is why they are also called "the wall of green and red". The ruins themselves are worth seeing.

The first encounter of the Spanish conquerors with an urban center of the Mayan civilization and one of the most important coastal fortresses they built in the Yucatan peninsula. It is also known as "the Castle" for its enormous size and well-preserved geometry.

Tulum is the gateway to see the Rivera Maya, which runs from north to south along with the Rivera Maya, or south coast. The unique landscape is unforgettable, complete with the rustic cabins, jungle, sea, history, and bohemian roots of this developing town of Tuluminati.

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